What Others Are Saying

"Roger Bostdorff, of B2Bsalesboost, has been a great help to our company as we are going thru the transition from one generation to another. As a small family business this has not been the easiest thing to do. He has helped us establish roles and strategies necessary for us to move forward. His knowledge of business and personalities has been enlightening to all of us involved. I feel with his help our company will not be one of those 3rd Generation companies that do not make it. "

Deborah Case
President, Frames Pest Control, Inc.

"Recently we retained Roger Bostdorff of b2bsalesboost. I am happy to report that our company benefited nicely by way of Rogers services. He conducted strategic and action planning sessions that were revealing and proved to be productive for our company. He was able to swiftly evaluate our sales situation, and make appropriate prescriptions. Roger is a highly competent and trustworthy advisor. He possesses excellent sales and business expertise, and conveys information in a very professional manner. He should be considered a wise investment to any company that is seeking ways to improve sales. "

Robert Martin
Chairman, Maple City Rubber Co.

"Roger, ... thank you again for the training session you provided to our team on Saturday. Although the primary focus was for inside sales targeting growth accounts, I did take away some fresh ideas for objections. I enjoyed your humor and personality to get the team engaged. Thank you again and look forward to possibly more interaction in the future with your business."

Pamella Weller
Corp Sales & Product Trainer, Style Crest Inc

"I just wanted to express how much I loved the class that Roger taught. I have 3 degrees and started an MBA and of all the classes I've ever taken, these are my favorite. It's by a real person who lives this stuff day in and day out. They aren't teaching from a text book, they are teaching from real world experience and it means so much more. These are the experts that should be writing the text books!"

Tim Saddoris
President, Infostream

"I am happy to acknowledge the positive impact that Roger Bostdorff and B2B had on Principle Business Enterprises, Inc. We were looking at the need to make dramatic changes in the way our sales organization operated but lacked the "band width" to take it on while also dealing with all the other priorities of our rapidly growing business. The logical path was to have Roger assist with the evaluation and implementation of some new systems (including a CRM application) and at the same time looking at the establishing the metrics of how a properly operating Sales Center should operate. The outcome was that we got the outside perspective that has helped to raise the performance level of our sales team members. It was a good investment of time and money to work with Roger's company."

Chuck Stocking
President Principle Business Enterprises, Inc.

"Approximately two years ago we engaged Mr. Roger Bostdorff as a consultant to help with our business planning. His main purpose was to shake us out of the rut we were in by helping to "get things done" on time and in a business like manner. Was Roger successful? Yes, indeed he was. Today we are getting projects rolling that had languished for as long as two years. Roger is a very intelligent, hard driving, no nonsense type of person who goes directly to the heart of the problem or situation in order to solve it."

W. P. Troder
Allied Moulded Products, Inc.

"I have had the luxury of working with Roger for 19 years, and I can truly say he is one of the most creative, honest, customer-driven individuals I have ever worked with in my career. Because he is so passionate about helping his customers solve their problems and achieve their own objectives and goals -- as though they are his very own, his organizations have consistently delivered on the objectives set for him in terms of Revenue, Customer Satisfaction, and New Customer Growth. His ability to lead teams of all sizes (several people to hundreds of people throughout a large region) is indicative of his diversity. Because of his tutelage, his teams have always known how to gain new customers and more importantly how to keep them happy long term. I have the utmost of trust and respect for Roger."

John Oehlers
Vice President, Sales Compuware

"Roger is always very professional, open and honest. I highly value his input. I believe he provides me with a different perspective and the perspective is always with a various positive spin. My business is better due to his input."

Dave Wagner
Owner, Control Design Solutions LTD

“It was truly a pleasure working with Roger. His professionalism and expertise were appreciated by our members and his take-aways could be easily implemented.”

Ann Dugan
Founder of The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh's Katz School of Business

"B2B Sales Boost was instrumental in facilitating our Leadership Team in our Strategic Plan. Roger’s ability to guide our group through this difficult task made the process fun, exciting and worthwhile. The results speak for themselves. We secured a project identified during the planning process, only one month after completing our Strategic Plan."

Josh Huffman, LEED AP, MIT,
VP of Operations, Charles Construction Services

"Roger conducted a Sales Presentation Skills Training for Style Crest that motivated, energized and instilled confidence in our sales force to embrace our new product solution. It provided our team with the fundamentals but also applied these concepts specifically to our new product solution. The confidence our sales force obtained through this training led to an immediate improvement in selling this product solution in the field."

Jennifer Kranz
Director of Human Resources
Style Crest Enterprises, Inc.

"While running two different companies I have worked with Roger. I have found Roger responsive to customer issues and concerns while always looking out for the customer's best interests. He listens to customer's needs and then structures a solution that addresses those needs. Roger does not just focus on short term gains but also on long term results."

Hewitt Grant
COO Ellett Brothers

"As the President of SIS, an IBM Business Partner company in Lexington KY, I had the opportunity to work closely with Roger Bostdorff for several years. Unquestionably, he helped SIS become one of the top 50 IBM Premier Business Partner firms in the USA. Our business grew significantly and Roger played an important role helping us grow our company. Roger and I became great friends and I will always remember his genuine concern and respect for our business and our families."

Pat Smith
Versa Tech Automation, LLC
289 Blue Sky Pkwy.
Lexington, KY 40509

"I am the President of a research and engineering company that found a new, patented technology. We were lost on how to realize its true potential or effectively move it into the marketplace. Fortunately I discovered Roger Bostdorff and B2B Sales Boost. I asked if he thought he could help us roll out this new process. With enthusiasm, he seemed to take on this project as his own. In a short time, not only did he help quickly identify our potential customers, but has also been working steadily by my side and we’re nearing a close on our first major contract, with many more in the sights.

I know without Roger’s help and guidance, the new technology might still be sitting in our lab and not out providing solutions to customers, as it should be. He has been a real pleasure to work with. I found that he is not only a great consultant but also, when required, will roll up his sleeves and help get the job done with the utmost in professionalism and courtesy. Our return on investment has not been fully realized yet, nor will be for years to come, but I am without a doubt that we are much further ahead and in a place we may have never been because of Roger and B2B Sales Boosts knowledge and efforts."

James M. Olzak
President Nextronex

“We offered B2B’s ‘The Closed Loop Process for Business Success’ as a value-added perk for businesses that are WCEDC members. Registration for the session filled up almost immediately. The participants all indicated they ‘painlessly’ learned things which made their companies more competitive and efficient.”

Tom Blaha
Executive Director, Wood County Economic Development Commission

“ As you know I have two inexperienced sales people who have all the social and personality traits to be effective salesmen. I purposely put myself in that position so that they could start out from day one with a new beginning vision of what it takes to be an effective salesperson. There were no bad sales habits that I had to deal with. I have been in sales management for over thirty years but I knew I wanted them to go through some professional training at a beginning level that later on could progress into more advanced training. After discussing what you had to offer, I was sold that B2B Salesboost could do the job. ”

Both of the guys were very impressed with what they learned and the very next day started to put into practice what they learned. The training gave structure to their sales process and the weekly follow up will only enhance and strengthen their development. Thank you for some great training and we are looking forward to a continued relationship.

Mike Converse
National Flight Services, Director Sales / Marketing

Dear Potential Client of Roger Bostdorff,

It has been an absolute pleasure to meet Roger Bostdorff and for the rest of Clouse Construction. Roger has drastically improved the morale of our whole business and in turn has helped improve our sales since. We all enjoy Roger, not only as a guy with a lot of knowledge, but also for the likeable and personable person he is. Roger has many traits that make him the best choice for your future business consultant and I have listed below these special traits:

Knowledgeable – has a wealth of knowledge in how to create increased business sales and how to improve productivity and morale within the whole group of employees.

Experience – If there is a situation we are unsure of Roger had great feedback on how to cope with it. He has experienced so many employee situations in the past he knew what worked for him in the past and what didn’t work. The feedback Roger gave us was not complicated; it was simple yet very effective.

Confident – Roger was never afraid to give his honest opinion or feedback. Simple, straight forward, and honest is getting harder to find these days, but is the way Roger conducts himself. This is exactly how Clouse Construction prefers to be helped.

Strategy – Roger making sure he understands as much about your company as he can and finds out what the potential problems might be. We love his approach because not every company is the same or has the same problems. Roger expressed some of the problems we face and gives us great feedback on how to deal with the problems. We have chosen to use his suggestions and it has been very beneficial for Clouse Construction.

Likeable – We enjoy Roger’s presents, not only as a business consultant, but as a friend. We meet with Roger still on a monthly basis to make sure our old habits don’t return. Every time we meet with him we learn something new. Roger is very sincere when giving feedback or advice. Roger is also very helpful with dealing with new circumstances throughout the process of changes being made within your company. He also makes himself available to call or meet at your convenience.

Having Roger Bostdorff consult Clouse Construction has been key ingredient to our sales boost and overall employee morale. Meeting Roger and going through his consulting process has been an absolute joy and a turning point for Clouse Construction. We will continue consulting with Roger and we highly suggest other businesses do the same.

Thanks for all your help Roger.

Lenny Clouse, Lynn Clouse, Brian Clouse & All Clouse Construction employees