Personnel Evaluation System Implementation

Evaluating Talent to Maximize Results - How does a company figure out who is doing a good job and who is not? How do I grow an employee so that they can contribute faster? How do I coach folks to take on more responsibility and at the same time create a measuring stick to determine how they are growing? When is it time to say, "This employee is not going to make it?" How do I make this happen without HR issues?

The Personnel Evaluation System is often looked at as something that many companies know they should do but never get around to doing. Performance plans and annual evaluations are neither sexy nor fun. Very few companies use this as a tool to… keeping good employees, attracting the best and brightest, differentiating their super employees from their good or mediocre ones, or dealing with a problem employee. If implemented correctly a Personnel Evaluation System can motivate your team to deliver greater profits, sales, customer satisfaction, etc?

The implementation of this process takes time and energy. Yet, what better process can be implemented than one that holds the employee accountable? Rewards the employee that exceeds? Provides the opportunity to coach the employee to greater accomplishments either with your company or showing them that they fit somewhere else?

B2B Sales Boost has assisted organizations in implementing these systems. The results speak for themselves when the organization buys in and fully implements the process.

When you read the above I can appreciate your skepticism.  Call me so we can discuss your challenges from a personnel team standpoint.  The end game is improvement in your RESULTS!

Roger Bostdorff
B2B Sales Boost

What Our Clients Say About Us

"B2B Sales Boost was instrumental in facilitating our Leadership Team in our Strategic Plan. Roger’s ability to guide our group through this difficult task made the process fun, exciting and worthwhile. The results speak for themselves. We secured a project identified during the planning process, only one month after completing our Strategic Plan."

Josh Huffman, LEED AP, MIT,
VP of Operations, Charles Construction Services

“We offered B2B’s ‘The Closed Loop Process for Business Success’ as a value-added perk for businesses that are WCEDC members. Registration for the session filled up almost immediately. The participants all indicated they ‘painlessly’ learned things which made their companies more competitive and efficient.”

Tom Blaha
Executive Director, Wood County Economic Development Commission