We are committed to helping organizations improve their sales performance through sales manager coaching, sales training, contract sales management, and strategic business development planning.

Our approach is to study and understand your business, your priorities, and determine your business roadblocks; then based on our knowledge and experience make recommendations to overcome your challenges. However, we don't just make recommendations but also assist your organization in the implementation of these recommendations.

Please contact us to provide us with the necessary data for our first discussion. This phone discussion will help us determine how to proceed. If you prefer please call us at 419-351-4347.

B2B Sales Boost has over 30 years of experience involved with:

  • Family Business Coaching
  • Designing Sales Incentive Programs
  • Sales Training
  • Implementing New Sales Channels
  • Creating Marketing Campaigns
  • Engineering Commission Plans to Drive High Margin Items/Services
  • Re-Organizing Sales Teams to Maximize Revenue
  • Training Sales Teams on How to Shorten the Sell Cycle
  • Recruiting
  • Reducing Costs

You Choose How You Pay:

  • Pay Hourly Consulting Fee Plus Expenses or
  • Pay a % of the Improvement (No Improvement, No Cost)

Memo from President of First Federal Bank to his team...

"Roger Bostdorff is a former IBM executive who now has his own consulting company located in the Bowling Green area. We have referred two clients to Roger in the past and had very positive results with both of them. One was a watch list credit due to declining sales and negative cash flow. After an initial meeting with Roger, the customer engaged Roger to help him improve the performance of his business. The engagement was successful and the credit is now a pass credit. The other customer referral was due to the lack of a succession plan, and the resulting engagement was so successful that the customer not only now has a succession plan implemented, but he also took Roger along on some sales calls to assist in acquiring new business.

Roger's contact information is attached, and if you think you have a customer who could benefit from an honest third party assessment of their business issues, give Roger a call. There is no charge for the initial consultation."

  • James L. Rohrs
  • President and C.E.O.
  • First Federal Bank

What Our Clients Say About Us

"It was truly a pleasure working with Roger. His professionalism and expertise were appreciated by our members and his take-aways could be easily implemented."

- Ann Dugan
Founder of The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh's Katz School of Business"

"Roger is always very professional, open and honest. I highly value his input. I believe he provides me with a different perspective and the perspective is always with a various positive spin. My business is better due to his input."

- Dave Wagner
Owner, Control Design Solutions LTD