Family Business Coaching

Family Business Coaching can include but would not be limited to the following items:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Exit Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Business Coaching

 My goal as a family business consultant is to facilitate positive change within the interactive systems of family, ownership and management insuring a more successful business. Often, this can be as simple as opening up lines of communication; other times it can be extremely complex requiring difficult soul searching and even the alteration of lifelong plans and dreams. Sometimes the first priority is to revert back to the documented Strategic Plan and what was agreed to by all of the management/family team.

Family business engagements are unique in each and every situation – there is no manual to be passed out and taught. That is not to say that the methodology of the process is different, but rather, that the facts and circumstances surrounding family, ownership and management are different in each situation and even at different times in the same situation.

The odds of a Family Business continuing to be successful from one generation to the next become increasingly more challenging as the new generations continue to pile on.  The odds of ongoing success improve dramatically if you can get all of the players on the same page relative to priorities of the business and roles that need to be filled.

"Going thru the transition from one generation to another as a small family business has not been the easiest thing to do. Roger has helped our family members establish roles and strategies necessary for us to move forward.  His knowledge of business and personalities has been enlightening to all of us involved."

-Deborah Case
President, Frames Pest Control, Inc.

Much like a successful basketball team, a family owned business has to have the point guard, playing point guard and not power forward. Each of the players has a role to fill to make the team successful. Playing the incorrect role or not shooting at the correct basket dooms the team to failure. If you cannot get agreement as to the roles and priorities of the business you have a recipe for disaster.  One/some of the family members may get their way but the company has a very limited opportunity to gain the success that is available to the organization if all are pulling in the same direction.

If you need help with issues related to Strategic Planning, Exit Planning, Conflict Resolution, Personal Mentoring, Business Coaching, Succession Planning, or other areas within your family business let’s talk.

Roger Bostdorff     
B2B Sales Boost, LLC

What Our Clients Say About Us

"B2B Sales Boost was instrumental in facilitating our Leadership Team in our Strategic Plan. Roger’s ability to guide our group through this difficult task made the process fun, exciting and worthwhile. The results speak for themselves. We secured a project identified during the planning process, only one month after completing our Strategic Plan."

Josh Huffman, LEED AP, MIT,
VP of Operations, Charles Construction Services

“We offered B2B’s ‘The Closed Loop Process for Business Success’ as a value-added perk for businesses that are WCEDC members. Registration for the session filled up almost immediately. The participants all indicated they ‘painlessly’ learned things which made their companies more competitive and efficient.”

Tom Blaha
Executive Director, Wood County Economic Development Commission